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Pillowcase My Neck Pillowcase My Neck


Good sleep starts with the right pillow. Our pillow range offers many different pillows, from soft fluffy ones for cuddling to a selection of ergonomic neck support pillows. A good pillow offers optimal pressure relief, a correct sleeping position and a peaceful, restful sleep.

Natural and functional fibre

Our pillows are very high-quality cushions with the highest level of comfort and uncomplicated care properties. A wide variety of filling materials - from Tencel to cotton to corn - in the quilted cover, combined with a core made of fine PES fiber balls, offer cuddly soft sleeping pleasure. Thanks to a zipper, the filling quantity can be individually regulated. All pillows are also very easy to care for.

The Cool Pillow

Whether in the car or on the plane, in the tent or in the mountain hut - with the Cool travel pillow you are always lying correctly and can sleep comfortably and peacefully even when you are on the move. A special fleece with integrated PCM microcapsules also provides a cooling ("cool") effect so that sleep on trips is a pleasant rest even on hot nights. Compact in size and the ideal travel companion thanks to the excellent viscoelastic properties.

2-in-1:Since the fleece is only attached to the top of the Cool travel pillow, you don't have to do without it on cooler days - just turn it over!

Gans-Medic upholstery

The viscoelastic neck support pillows are made from high-quality Biogreen® cold foam. The Biogreen® cold foam adapts ergonomically to the shape of the body and simultaneously supports the head, neck and spine. The pre-formed pillow is for people who want an anatomically shaped, orthopedic neck pillow for relaxed sleep. The cold foam provides optimal support and the essential oils relieve tension and stiff necks. The high-quality pillowcases made from Lyocell® can be washed at 60° C, which is why the neck support pillow is ideal for allergy sufferers.