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Down Comforter Star de Luxe

The filling of our down duvet STAR DE LUXE consists of 90% white down from geese, which live under natural conditions in the open air. This down is slightly smaller than the farmer's down, furthermore, this blanket contains 10% smallest feathers. The down is filled in fine white down batiste.
Available in light, medium (normal) and warm.

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Gans Down duvet STAR DE LUXE L
From € 449,00 - € 939,00
Gans Down duvet STAR DE LUXE N
From € 539,00 - € 1.229,00
Gans Down duvet STAR DE LUXE W
From € 589,00 - € 1.119,00
Gans Bag for down duvets
From € 9,90 - € 12,90