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Momm fine bed linen

Exclusive bed linen is an investment in quality of life - improving this quality has been Momm's mission for over 180 years. As a textile company, they produce all of their products themselves - exclusively in the Allgäu region. The selection of the finest, natural materials from Italy, combined with the team's craftsmanship, completes a timeless, exclusive and long-lasting product.


Percale cotton is one of the most popular materials for bed linen - the secret lies in the quality of the fabric. It is characterized by its high thread count, which creates a particularly smooth and durable material. A major advantage of Organic Percale cotton is its sustainable production. The use of pesticides or harmful chemicals is avoided. This means that you not only have a healthy sleeping environment enjoy, but also contribute to protecting our environment. The cotton is grown under strict organic GOTS standards and controls to ensure sustainable production.


The organic satin cotton is not only luxurious, but also environmentally friendly. It is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, which means that you can enjoy a healthy and natural environment in your bed. The cotton is grown according to strict organic standards and controls to ensure sustainable production. The fabric of the organic satin bed linen is a real highlight. The smooth surface and silky feel create a luxurious feeling that wraps you in a restful sleep like on clouds. The fabric is pleasantly cool and breathable, so you always maintain an optimal temperature. Another advantage of the organic satin cotton is its hypoallergenic properties. It is gentle on the skin and perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies.