Down Cushion

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Down padding

A good cushion makes a significant contribution to ensuring that you wake up feeling rested. We have cushions for every need, depending on whether you prefer to sleep flat or need more support. In general, the higher the proportion of springs, the more comfortable the support. We would be happy to advise you on this over the phone!


Caring for your pillows

Down products that are cleaned regularly last longer. Shake and air your cushions and blankets every day. Down and feathers also do not tolerate direct sunlight. For hygiene reasons and because their filling power decreases with daily use, down duvets and pillows should be professionally cleaned every year. We also recommend that you replace down duvets with a new lining after three to five years and down pillows after one to two years, as required.

Our 3-chamber cushion

Deep and relaxed sleep is primarily a question of the position of your body and head. A pillow filled with down or feathers supports every sleeping position in a natural way and gives you noticeably pleasant relaxation. The special feature of this cushion is that the inner chamber is filled with feathers, which creates the support. The fluffy down is on the outside so that you don't feel any quills when you sleep.