Down Comforter Royal

All GANS down duvets are:

Oeko-Tex certified
Suitable for allergy sufferers

Special features of the ROYAL down duvet:

- RDS certified

- 100% down

- 820 CUIN

- Nano satin lining

Filters and sort

Warmth levels of down duvets

You don't know which blanket to choose?

A comfortable temperature under the down duvet is particularly important because it should not be too hot or too cold. Our down duvets are therefore divided into four different levels of warmth so that you can sleep under the right duvet at any time of year. Use the table to find the right duvet for you.

  • Superlight (SL): Airy, light summer duvet that is comfortable even at high temperatures.
  • Light (L)): A summer blanket or an all-year-round blanket for those who like it a little cooler.
  • Normal/Medium (N): An all-rounder among year-round duvets, as it is not too warm and not too cold.
  • Warm (W): Warmer duvet for a cozy, comfortable sleeping experience in winter or when you need a lot of warmth all year round.

Animal welfare is very important to us

And because the best is always so close, we pay particular attention to where our materials come from: as much as possible from Austria and Europe.

Because we work and operate sustainably, animal welfare is also a particular concern for us. Because if we treat the geese, our most important suppliers, well, they also deliver perfect quality. Of course, they only do this after they die. We do not pluck a single feather from them while they are alive. As a guarantee for you, our down and feathers are RDS certified according to the highest standard, which is also recommended by animal welfare organizations.

You see: your good sleep is the result of responsible work.