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Our history

Founded in 1882 by A. Gans, the company was originally run as a bed feather factory. During this time, the first cleaning machines for down and feathers were developed, making the product extremely popular as filling material for bedding in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in Vienna. In the pre-war period, around a dozen branches were gradually established alongside the factories....
After the Second World War, the range was expanded to include bed linen, and in the late 1970s the new owners completely reorganized it and expanded it with exclusive products. The "Gans" is now being continued by the new owner family in the 3rd generation with great attention to detail and tried and tested handcraft. A combination of tradition and modern zeitgeist.

our philosophy

Good sleep is priceless! We do everything we can to ensure that you start the day well rested and refreshed in the morning - and we have been doing so for over 140 years!

A. Gans opened the first down factory in Vienna in 1882. Enthusiastic about the new quality, the aristocracy, the upper middle class and the luxury hotels of the Austrian monarchy soon became regular customers. By the turn of the century, the name Gans was already synonymous with first-class down duvets and bed linen. And nothing has changed to this day. Our fine bedding is coveted and in demand all over the world. We have gathered our knowledge over more than a century and combined it with modern findings from sleep research. We match the right measurements, personal warmth requirements and different sleeping habits to your wishes. The end result is not just the highest quality and craftsmanship, but also your well-being. Every day and every night.