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Hefel - since 1907

The tradition of an Austrian family business and the continuous development of revolutionary innovations distinguish Hefel as a leading bedding manufacturer. Based on this experience, Hefel knows exactly what is important in a first-class duvet. The first step is to select the highest quality materials for the fabric and filling. The best processing in traditional handcraft and with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques bring out the properties of the materials to the full. Finally, the special attention that Hefel pays to body-hugging quilting gives the finished duvets their unique shape. All of these elements are perfectly coordinated at Hefel and ensure an optimal sleeping environment. The result is incomparable bedding creations for heavenly sleeping comfort.

TENCEL™ - The fiber of the future

Environmental Aid has calculated that 263 liters of water must be used for one kilogram of lyocell fibers, while conventional cotton requires 11,000 liters! Due to climate change, cotton yields are expected to decline in the coming years, which will further increase the importance of regenerated fibers such as TENCEL™.

  • TENCEL™ fibers produced with Micro Technology are exceptionally fine and are made from the natural raw material wood
  • No. 1 in moisture management
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers
  • More absorbent than cotton and softer than silk
  • Reduced bacterial growth
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving production
  • Bed linen with the smallest CO2 footprint

Bed linen

The exclusive HEFEL bed linen made from the finest TENCEL™ is an expression of timeless elegance and a synonym for purity and luxury. A joy for the eyes, an experience on the skin and a treat for the body. The high-quality designs, the inimitably soft feel and the perfect workmanship combine to express the highest harmony and personal individuality. Made from the finest Micro-TENCEL™, the pure natural fiber from wood, HEFEL bed linen combines the pleasant properties of cotton with the mother-of-pearl shimmer of silk. This elegant look paired with uniquely supple quality make the TENCEL™ bed linen a feast for all the senses. 100% "Made in Austria" - for the ultimate sleeping pleasure.