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Pillow My Neck

Pillow My Neck

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Product Description:
HEFEL My Neck is a special pillow* recommended by doctors and therapists - ergonomically developed over many years by the South Tyrolean physiotherapist Günther Forer, comfortably implemented by HEFEL and awarded the AGR seal of quality ("Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.").

More and more people are experiencing problems due to tension in the head, neck and shoulder area ("KoNaSchu"), which causes severe pain, leads to stiffness in the neck and restricted movement. Pain can be prevented or reduced by suitable positioning, support and relief of the spinal column. This is precisely where HEFEL My Neck comes in. The pillow supports and relieves the cervical spine when sleeping on the back and in the side position. The padding in the upper spinal area has a liberating, practical and efficient effect. At the same time the chest muscles are stretched and the thoracic spine mobilised.

HEFEL My Neck is perfect for rest, regeneration and well-being of the spine - both in the supine and side positions.

Short film about the pillow:

Material and quality:
Fabric: 100% cotton
Filling: 100% HEFEL Vitasan fibre balls
The matching cover is also available!

Washable at 60°C and suitable for tumble drying.