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Ferdinand Ernst founded the "Swiss Wool Factory Neu-Pfungen" in 1854. The company processed cotton, wool, silk, camel hair, alpaca, llama, etc., which were sourced from all over the world. Numerous well-known textile machine manufacturers (including Sulzer and Rieter) and clothing companies were established in the Winterthur region in Switzerland, which took a leading position in the fashion sector. Eskimo stands for quality blankets from Switzerland and was introduced as a brand name in 1973. Eskimo Textil AG achieved international fame with the production of high-quality aircraft, sleeping, travel, couch and children's blankets as well as uniform fabrics.

Slow Home - Fashion

We are committed to sustainable and conscious home fashion consumption. We place particular emphasis on materials and environmentally friendly production. We use around 80% natural fibers, which are biodegradable and do not pollute the oceans. We also rely on closed water systems in production so that water is reused and colors do not end up in the wastewater. 92% of the products are made in Italy, Lithuania, Germany and the embroidery in Switzerland. We rely on high-quality products that do not lose their shape and color even after many washes and thus give you inner joy for a long time. This philanthropic approach is our contribution to the common good.


We ensure that our textiles are sourced sustainably. It is very important to us to meet social and ecological criteria and to accept responsibility towards people and the environment.


Eskimo is your manufacturing partner at the highest level, the strictest quality standards, maximum love for textile products, perfection in detail and personal commitment of all employees are our strengths and pave the way into the future.