GANS Washing Service

Our washing center in 1140 Vienna is attainable for you by telephone from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00 by phone: +43 (0)1/914 13 27 34.

Opening hours 
Monday to Friday 09:00-14:00

You are also welcome to drop off your down goods at the branches in 1010 and 1180 Vienna.
Please note that due to COVID-19 there may be longer waiting times.
For the big washing service it can take up to 10 days3, for the small service 2-3 weeks.
We thank you for your understanding!

Our washing center: A holiday for your down

Every customer's down takes a holiday alone in our huge washing and drying drum - your down does not have to share the space with other downs.

Regularly cleaned down goods live longer. Shake and air your cushions and blankets daily. In addition, down and feathers do not tolerate blazing sun.
For hygienic reasons and because the filling power decreases with daily use, down comforters and down pillows should be professionally cleaned annually. We also recommend that down comforters should be cleaned after three to five years and down pads after one to two years. one to two years, as required, in a new ticking.

We wash your down and feather duvets hygienically and without chemical additives. With the most modern drying technology in combination with UV light, we ensure that they are germ-free. Afterwards your duvets and pillows are perfectly recovered.

We will find the right type of cleaning together with you when you come to us with your blankets.

Small Service
Your down or feather goods are completely washed, steamed and dried. This way we guarantee that bacteria are killed and eliminated.

Cushion Complete cleaning with inlet, size 30x40 to 40x60 € 25,-
Cushion Clean complete with inlet, size 50x70 to 70x90 € 35,-

Single blanket

Clean complete with inlet € 49,-
Double blanket Clean complete with inlet € 99,-

Large Service
Your down or feather goods are unravelled and opened, the contents are washed, sieved, steamed and then dried.

The thoroughly cleaned filling is stuffed into a new inlet
and, if necessary, supplemented with new material. In this way, even fragments of feathers and down as well as dust particles are removed. As prices vary according to size, quilting and filling, the washing prices do not include the costs for a new inlet and down filling.

We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate during a personal consultation.

Cushion Open cleaning of down and feathers € 9,-
Flat bed Down and feathers open cleaning € 19,-
Single blanket Down and feathers open cleaning € 25,-
Double blanket down and feathers open cleaning € 45,-

Adaptation - GANS customized
Of course, we also offer to have your blankets and pillows reworked so that you can adapt them to your needs in the long term.
We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.