Down Comforter Supreme

All GANS down duvets are:

Oeko-Tex certified
Suitable for allergy sufferers

Special features of the SUPREME down duvet:

- RDS certified

- 100% down

- 850+ CUIN

- Cotton batiste lining

Filters and sort

Supreme down duvet

A lightweight that provides ideal heat balance with a unique weight reduction. With a fill power of 850+ cuin, there is nothing comparable! This fine down is covered in hyperfine cotton batiste. A unique piece of technical masterpiece“Made in Austria”!Available in super light and normal strengths.


Care of down

Down products that are cleaned regularly last longer. Shake and air your cushions and blankets every day. Down and feathers also do not tolerate direct sunlight. For hygiene reasons and because their filling power decreases with daily use, down duvets and pillows should be professionally cleaned every year. We also recommend that you replace down duvets with a new lining after three to five years and down pillows after one to two years, as required.

We wash your down and feather duvets hygienically and without chemical additives. We use the latest drying technology in combination with UV light to ensure that they are free of germs. Afterwards, your blankets and upholstery will be perfectly refreshed again.