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Bed Linen Linen Stonewashed, Pillowcase

Linen bedding stonewashed, upholstery cover

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Product description:
Linen can never be spun out completely evenly. It therefore serves as a guarantee of authenticity when slight thread irregularities are visible. As a result, linen exudes a certain naturalness and lightness that is especially appreciated in summer. Linen fabric conducts body heat faster than cotton, which is why it is perceived as pleasant and cooling in summer.

Linen is very robust, can withstand very high washing temperatures and is known to be bacteria-inhibiting.

Material and quality:
Stone washed linen, 100% linen pre-washed, 165g/m²
Confection: Twist buttons with concealed button placket.
A zipper is also available on request for an extra charge.

Sizes: 30x40, 35x40, 40x50, 40x60, 40x80, 50x70, 60x80, 70x90 cm

Please use only coloured detergents without optical brighteners for the coloured bed linen. Do not put them in the drum together with laundry that has been washed with white detergent. We recommend washing at 60 degrees C. If you put the bed linen in the dryer, please reduce the thermal load - setting "iron-damp" - so that the pieces still have sufficient residual moisture for ironing out.