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Falt Sheet Satin SMS Glatt

Sheet Satin SMS Smooth

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Product description:
The Supima satin from Graser is the finest, almost silk-like cotton satin there is. Only first-class, precious fibre material can be spun out so finely (100 or 135 metres of this yarn weigh just 1 gram). Only a few weaving mills, including the Swiss, can weave this fine yarn into an even satin with a high thread density. Any small, slight irregularity in the yarn would be immediately noticeable on the smooth plain weave. Due to the mercerization of the fabric, the elegant silk sheen of our satin, which appears after the first wash, is permanently preserved. The magic of the love of the first moment is not lost. Our plain satin palette comprises 52 colours and can be combined with each other as desired. The satin is woven 3m wide in the basic colours, so double covers can also be cut in one piece*. To the Special orders.

Material and quality:
Supima®-Satin, 100 % cotton
Ready-made: without elastic band

Sizes: 160x260, 220x260*, 260x260*cm

Please use only coloured detergents without optical brighteners for coloured bed linen. Do not put them in the drum together with laundry washed with white detergent. We recommend washing at 60 degrees C. If you put the bed linen in the dryer, please reduce the thermal load - setting "iron-damp" - so that the pieces still have sufficient residual moisture for ironing out.

*In various colours (e.g. SABBI) the fabric is 164 cm wide, in this case there are two visible cross seams. On request we can produce your sheet with only one visible middle seam, please indicate this extra in your order!