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Down duvet Gans 1882 - Silver Edition SL

Down duvet Gans 1882 - Silver Edition SL

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Product description:
Limited by nature
The pasture-raised goose is called pasture-raised goose because it is allowed to go out to pasture every day. What sounds so natural is unfortunately much rarer today than one might think. That's why committed Austrian small-scale farmers have joined forces. Under the quality label "Österreichische Weidegans" they breed geese in a species-appropriate manner.
The feathers and down obtained are exclusively from non-living geese.

A pure natural product from happy grazing geese.

From the fourth week of life, the goslings can go out to pasture for the first time. After seven weeks they are then hardy enough to be out in the pasture in all weathers. Through this natural rearing, the down dress naturally develops to the very highest quality.

The cackling feathered fowl thanks them, among other things, with down that others can only dream of. This species-appropriate husbandry naturally limits the quantity of animals kept. Each year, we can only fill a few hundred blankets with this precious down. As a limited edition, each blanket is truly unique and of the highest quality.

Warmth: Super light

Material and quality:
Cover: Fine Mako-Batist, Nm 150 with silk piping and SanoProCare special finishing, 100 % cotton 
Color: Pearl
Filling: 100 % goose down, class 1, from Austrian pasture geese

Filling weight: Superlight
140x200 / 190gr Filling
140x220 / gr Filling
200x200 / gr Filling

Washable up to 60 degrees C with liquid wool or mild detergent. Tumble dry in the lowest drying cycle, in between please shake the blanket again and again to loosen the down.