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Terry Bowles Brooklyn Herringbone

Terry Bowles Brooklyn Herringbone

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Product Description:
With BROOKLYN MÖVE offers a jacquard program that evokes memories of classic suit fabrics and the look of the Dandy era. The beautiful traditional fabric patterns Glencheck and Herringbone. - complemented by a plain with a wide herringbone border - have been masterfully translated into terry with a modern twist. At There are two color combinations to choose from: Nature/Deep Sea and Nature/Cashmere as well as the plain color combinations Deep Sea and Cashmere with a wide herringbone border.

The high-contrast graphic BROOKLYN motifs are made particularly expressive by the use of a special bouclé yarn with viscose and linen content. viscose and linen content to particularly expressive effect. "Bouclé" originally comes from the French and means something like "loop" or "noose". It describes a material that is woven from woven from irregularly strong yarns. This creates a surface that has small thickenings - similar to nodules - has.

Made of fine bouclé yarn (cotton/viscose/linen).

Normal wash cycle up to 60 degrees, dry at low temperature, do not bleach and iron at medium temperature.

Guest towel. 30x50 cm
Towel 50x100 cm
Shower towel 80x150 cm