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Children's bed linen Rubino

Children bed linen Rubino

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Delivery time(Austria): 3-7 Days
Delivery time(Europe): 5-9 Days

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Product description:
Percale is smooth but firm to the touch. It has a different fabric construction (canvas) and is woven with slightly coarser yarns. It does not cling like satin, but has a stand and life of its own. If you run your hand through the fabric, it sounds like the rustle of a ball gown.

Material and quality:
100 % cotton percale
Confection: zipper
On the duvet cover the cord runs crosswise on a flap in the upper third of the duvet. On the pillowcase with stand-up hem it runs all the way around.

The embroidery is not included! We are also happy to personalise the bedding for your child. Please call our customer service on 01/914 13 27 to discuss details and pricing. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Size: Pillowcase 40x60cm / Duvet cover 100x140cm

We recommend washing the bed linen at 60 degrees C, higher washing temperatures do not provide any additional positive effect. Please wash only together with white linen. If you put the bed linen in the dryer, reduce the thermal load - setting "iron-damp" - so that the pieces still have sufficient residual moisture for ironing out.