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Duvet COUNTRY DE LUXE 100% Camel

Pull-in blanket COUNTRY DE LUXE 100% Camel

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Product description:
Camels live in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations of up to 60°C between day and night. Perfectly adapted to these conditions, their coat has a highly effective temperature-balancing function. It has the properties of a "natural air-conditioning system", which on the one hand provides excellent warmth, but also protects against heat thanks to its maximum breathability.

This effect is supported in the Country Deluxe Camel by the fabric made of 100% TENCEL®, which transports moisture away from the body particularly quickly. Only the heavenly soft downy hair of Mongolian camels is used for this blanket.

Material and quality:
Cover: 100% TENCEL™-silk satin in the color champagne
Filling: 100% camel hair fluff, two filling layers for maximum warmth
100% Made in Austria

Sizes: 140x200, 140x220, 200x200 cm

The blanket is not washable, please only air regularly.