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Down duvet ROYAL N

Down duvet ROYAL N

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Product description:
A bduvet for the transitional period in spring and autumn. Light, cuddly and snug - guarantees pleasant sleeping comfort without overheating the body.

The filling of our down duvet ROYAL consists of so-called farmer's down: 100% down from geese that live all year round in the open air as well as in water. This is the only way to develop this excellent down.

It is extremely large-fluffed and therefore particularly puffy and light. Careful sorting and cleaning result in an excellent filling material for many years. Filled in finest 100% cotton satin, the Royal down comforters are available in any desired size as well as in the strengths Super Light, Light, Medium and Warm.

Warmth: Medium

Material and quality:
Cover: white nano-satin with GANS logo print, 100% cotton, fine satin piping
Filling: 100% new, white goose down, class I

Filling weight: Normal
140x200/550 gr Filling
140x220/600 gr Filling
200x200/790 gr Filling
240x220/1.060 gr Filling
260x240/1.250 gr Filling

Washable up to 60 degrees C with liquid wool or mild detergent. Tumble dry in the lowest drying cycle, in between please shake the duvet again and again to loosen the down.