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Down Sleeping Bag Waldtiere/forrest animals

Down Sleeping Bag Waldtiere/forrest animals

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Product Description:
Sleep securely from the beginning: In a suitable sleeping bag, the child feels protected and as comfortable as in the womb. Our beautiful models are made from high-quality, sustainable raw materials and textiles and are OekoTex 100 certified.

The sleeping bag can be used both in summer and winter, that is, it cools in summer and warms but also on cooler days. The zipper can be opened on the side, so that on warm days the underskirt can be folded back halfway.
The down is so light that the child can lift the underskirt with his little feet.

Material and quality:

100% cotton satin (outer and inner fabric)
Filling: High quality down from geese and ducks, class 1
Filling power of 700-800 CUIN, this guarantees optimal heat-cold regulation.

All fabrics are exclusively from high quality fabric suppliers in Austria and Switzerland andcertifiedwith OekoTex Standard100.

Important information:
It is quite enough if the baby wears only a cotton bodysuit in the sleeping bag, so he keeps his skin contact and does not get too warm. For this reason our sleeping bags do not have sleeves.

Sizes: 90cm
With all-around zipper.

With little detergent and without fabric softener, the down sleeping bag can be easily washed in the washing machine and then dried in the dryer. It is important that you turn it inside out and close the zipper completely before washing.