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Animal welfare / Responsibility

Animal welfare is a major concern for us

And because the best is always so close at hand, we pay particular attention to where our materials come from: as much as possible from Austria and Europe.
Because we work and manage sustainably, animal welfare is also of particular concern to us. Because if we treat the geese, our most important suppliers, well, they will also deliver perfect quality. Of course, they only do this after they have died. We do not pluck out a single feather while they are still alive. As a guarantee for you, our down and feathers are RDS certified according to the highest standard, which is also recommended by animal welfare organizations.
You see: Your good night's sleep is the result of responsible work.

Tierwohl-Richtlinie - Animal Welfare Policy

Status June 2017

  1. Our responsibility
    As a leading company of high-quality bedding, we assume a social responsibility for the observance of animal-friendly and sustainable husbandry conditions. This relates in particular to freedom from hunger and thirst, pain and injury, and fear and suffering.
  2. Purchasing suppliers
    Animal welfare aspects are taken into account in our purchasing processes for all products that contain raw materials of animal origin. The principles, measures and goals defined for this purpose represent a binding framework for action for our suppliers and the entire Gans team. In addition, the Gans range always includes alternatives made from plant-based or synthetic materials.
  3. Standards-Auditing-Control
    Transparency of the supply chain and traceability are of central importance for a sustainable assortment. Certification for this must be carried out according to the highest standards in the respective product areas and must be audited by independent control bodies. Down and feathers used in our products are therefore certified exclusively according to the strict Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Compliance with this standard is monitored by an independent company (Control Union).
  4. Declaration of animal materials
    a) Down and feathers: Certified according to RDS without exception: Live plucking and stuffing of geese and ducks is thus excluded!
    b) Wool (Merino): Complete ban on mulesing. The Responsible Wool Standard serves as a guideline.
    c) (Wild) Silk: Obligation of our suppliers that only ethically produced silk may be processed.
    d) Cashmere: Commitment by our suppliers that only wool from producers who are classified by us as unobjectionable will be used.
    e) Furs, skins or hides: We generally do NOT purchase any!