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What goes down must come up

Ducks and geese know how lucky they are to have their plumage. It's light, warm and protects them from moisture. The ingenious structure of the feathers traps tiny pockets of air that prevent warmth being lost and allow moisture to escape. Another advantage is that down is incredibly flexible – a property known as loft. Testing the loft of your duvet is easy: just get an elephant to stand on it. Once the animal's gone, the down will return to its original shape. 

But down isn't just flexible. It's also natural, sustainable and quite safe for allergy sufferers. 

Pure down for a pure conscience

Gans down duvets and down pillows are premium name-brand products. They are made only from the very best raw materials, sourced from selected European suppliers. The down and feathers come from well-fed, adult and humanely reared birds. Our down is neither live-plucked, nor is it sourced from force-fed animals. Our suppliers undergo strict inspections, are certified accordingly and monitored on a regular basis. 

Premium down has many advantages. Its larger clusters mean the duvets can be filled with less down and are thus pleasantly light. It also has superior lofting properties. More tiny air pockets ensure better temperature regulation and breathability. It is considerably more durable and hardwearing. 

The constant exchange between warm and cool, dry and moist air creates a particularly snug and comforting feeling without making the sleeper feel confined. That's very important for deep, refreshing sleep. Because sleep research has shown that, on average, we turn over up to 42 times a night. 


Eider ducks are rare. Their habitat is restricted to Iceland and Greenland. Their chicks enjoy a particularly cosy upbringing because, due to the extreme cold, the mother makes a nest out of her breast down. When the fledglings have departed, the abandoned nests are emptied by state-certified collectors. The down they gather is then hand-sorted, hygienised, washed and dried. The characteristic features of eiderdown are its dark beige colour and the unusually high number of barbules, which cling like burs and ensure that eiderdown duvets are the best, warmest and lightest of all. 

But before we get carried away by our enthusiasm, why don't you just pay us a visit and see what we mean for yourself. 


You spend a third of your life sleeping. We spend a lifetime making sure you can.

A good night's sleep makes us feel rested, safe and secure. Our bed is often the place we retreat to when we want to escape a world full of noise and stress. It sustains us and is always there for us. But what good would a bed be without pillows and covers? They're what enable us to create a snug and cosy nest that allows us to relax. We share a special kind of closeness with our pillows and duvet. They're even closer to us than our nearest and dearest – for hours on end, every single night. Which is why you should be very demanding when it comes to choosing your textile bedfellows. Just as demanding as we are when it comes to our product range. Because ever since we started out in 1882, we at Gans have been able to recognise good quality in our sleep.